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Item: General Tools Swivel Head Deburring Tool
General Tools Swivel Head Deburring Tool
Price: $10.54

Weight: 0.110 lbs.

General Tools Swivel Head Deburring Tool

Our aluminum-handled Deburring Tool is built for years of lasting, professional use. The swivel head provides easy deburring of round and uneven surfaces. Great for removing imperfections from freshly cut pipe. Comes with a replacement blade and an integrated quick disconnect for painless swapping.

• Cuts pipe, tubing, conduit and PVC.
• Swivel head for easier cuts.
• Quick release button for effortless swapping of blades.
• Lightweight aluminum handle.
• Includes 2 blades.
• Replacement Blade #482A – For steel, copper, aluminum and plastic.
• Replacement Blade #482B – For brass and cast iron.

Run the tool’s cutting edge along the surface of the material to plane and scrape away imperfections. The amount of pressure needed will be necessitated by the hardness of the material. However, too much pressure can lead to over-cutting the surface.

Q – What is the difference between a deburring tool and a reamer?
A – Although both have similar functions, a deburring tool and a reamer employ largely different methods. The deburring tool uses a knife-style blade to shave and plane smooth the cutting surface. Conversely, a reamer uses sharp edges to grind away burrs and fins. While they may be interchangeable in some instances, oftentimes they perform job functions exclusive of each other.

Q - What is benefit of a swivel head deburring tool?
A - The swivel head allows the tool to easily follow the shape of your cutting surface. This can be a huge advantage when deburring the inner and outer edges of cut pipe. What’s more, the swivel head prevents the blade from gouging edge and flat surfaces.


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