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Item: 4115-22 Milwaukee Vac-U-Rig Small Base Package
SKU: 4115-22
4115-22 Milwaukee Vac-U-Rig Small Base Package
Price: $1,780.00

Weight: 139.800 lbs.

The Milwaukee Advantage This contractor series small base stand features a cast aluminum base with 4 leveling screws for fast accurate leveling adjustment. The durable precision-ground 2-1/2 in. steel column is 43-1/2 in. high and has a universal motor adapter plate. The reversible feed handle helps the operator use the unit from either side. Model 4115-22 comes with model 4096 coring motor, Vac-U-RigŪ kit as well as a meter box. The Vac-U-RigŪ assembly uses a vacuum pump to apply suction to a large pad mounted on the bottom of the rig. This aids in stability when coring holes. Features Comes with 4096 Diamond Coring Motor Cast aluminum base with four leveling screws for fast accurate leveling adjustment Durable precision-ground 2-1/2 in. steel column, 43-1/2 in. high. Rear mounted rack and pinion feed. Specifications Height 43-1/2 in. Angle Drilling No Wheels Yes Vac Base Yes Vac Pump Yes Motor Yes Meter Box Yes Tool Weight 111.5 lbs. Shipping Weight 139.8 lbs.

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