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Item: Lincoln Bulldog 140 Welder/Generator
SKU: K2708-1
Lincoln Bulldog 140 Welder/Generator
Price: $1,820.00

Weight: 205.000 lbs.

It’s great for homeowners and anyone who needs portable AC stick welding and AC generator power!

Advantage Lincoln
Low-Lift™Grab Bars (Patent Pending)
− More leverage for lifting unit on and off truck beds.
− Extra protection against product damage.
− Best in class feature!

1-1/4 in. (32 mm) Diameter Rugged Tube Frame
− Great for all-around sturdy protection.
− Largest diameter tube frame in its class!
− Best in class feature!

6.8 Gallon (25.7 Liter) Fuel Tank
− For extended run times, less frequent re-fueling.
− Large fuel fill opening for easy re-fueling too.
− Best in class feature!

AC Welding with up to 1/8 in. (3.2 mm) Stick Electrode
− Up to 140 amps of AC output for many applications.

5,500 Watts Surge (4,000 Watts Continuous) AC Generator Power
− Many uses! Grinder, work lights, pump, motor starting, or emergency power.
− Plug in a Lincoln POWER MIG® 140C or POWER MIG® 180C for wire welding!


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